Photos of the photojournalist F. Fedorov, executed in 1934-1937 at the construction of industrial events in Chirchik. Fedor Fedorov's name is little known to lovers and connoisseurs of the old photo.
The time of Fedorov's work was the era of flourishing industrial and psychological photography. Such famous masters as M. Penson, G. Zelma, A. Shaikhet, B. Kudoyarov, at the call of the then media, turned their lenses to the construction of a new industrial base of the state, which in those years was the focus of society's attention. The man and the machine, the pathos of changing the environment with mastodon-like designs of metal, glass and wood, the genuine enthusiasm of the young builders - all this really conveyed the spirit of the times and this is valuable today for us. It should not be forgotten that such subjects were very fertile for constructivist constructs in the frame. In the 20-30s of the XX century, constructivism was perceived as the most advanced style in art and, of course, all recognized masters of the photo gallery paid tribute to it.
Romance of the cardinal change in life, way of life, landscape with the help of cyclopean constructions of beams, gears and chains (something in the spirit of the good old Jules Verne) can be seen in all the works of Fedor Fedorov. But, despite this, the person in his photographs remains almost always the main acting principle. Even if there is no human figure in the picture, the viewer perfectly understands that the riot of technique that has occurred before him is initiated by the worker-creator, who joyfully (look at the smiling or concentrated faces of his heroes) will transform the untouched world of the Chirchik valley.
This is probably the main attractive force of these remarkable photo documents that reveal the name of yet another talented Uzbek master of photography.





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